The Mysterious Bosnian Obelisk

I have written a couple of articles about the Bosnian pyramids and their mysteries. The articles got many views and I was very happy with my efforts when it comes to the Bosnian pyramid articles. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very mysterious place, having everything from stone spheres and pyramids to castles and ancient monuments. There are also many unknown archaeological structures and places in the country, and one of them is the Bosnian Obelisk, which can be found in Bakici, which is a very small village in Olovo, a small Bosnian town. The Obelisk is unknown in Bosnia and Herzegovina and not many know about it. On the internet, you can find two or three good articles about the Obelisk, but nothing else. It is a real shame that this Obelisk is so unknown, and therefore I am going to write about it in this article.

The location of Olovo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When I was in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, volunteering for the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundation, in 2014, I decided to visit the Obelisk with a couple of other volunteers and tourists. Our guide drove us and it took approximately an hour to reach the location. While we drove there, you could see the beautiful nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina and there were trees everywhere. Finally we came to this village I was very excited to visit the Obelisk of Bosnia. After our guide parked the minibus, we walked in addition about 15 minutes. The road was very muddy and it was clear that we were walking into a forest.

Finally, we could see the Obelisk from the distance.  As we came closer, it only got bigger and bigger and it was standing in the middle of the forest. I was amazed and I was not alone, because all of the tourists wanted a photo of this Obelisk. The Obelisk is four meters in height and is rectangular. On every side of the Obelisk, you can find symbols, which are probably spirals, grapes, flowers and some kind of animal. On the top of the Obelisk, you can find a perfectly shaped pyramid with all four sides. Not only that, but on top of the pyramid, you can find a stone sphere, which has been partially destroyed.

The Bosnian Obelisk in Olovo, in the village of Bakici.
Olovo 2.PNG
The pyramid and stone sphere that is placed on the top of the rectangular structure.

The original plan was to photograph some good photos and to make a video about the Obelisk when I come back to Norway, which I did and you can watch it here: Obelisk video.

After I photographed the Obelisk as much as I needed, it was time to get back to Visoko, but the other tourists wanted to meditate around the Obelisk. Some tourists, our guide and I returned to the minibus, while the others started their meditation.

While sitting and waiting for the tourists to finish their meditation, I examined the village. There were only three houses in the area and most of them had big farming lands. One muddy road crossed the village and went into the forest where the Obelisk was. In addition, there were a couple of small monuments for some of the people that died for the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the recent war. The only thing that crossed my mind was that it was a real shame that this Obelisk has not received the recognition it deserves, because it is extraordinary and could do a lot for the village when it comes to the financial aspect.

Olovo 6
Another picture of the Obelisk.

Finally, the tourists finished their meditation and it was time to get back to Visoko. Now almost two years later, it is time to do two things, try to explain the Obelisk of Olovo and give this Obelisk the recognition it deserves.

Let us begin with the original history of the Obelisk. According to the historians, this Obelisk was built in the 14th century by the first king of Bosnia and his name was Tvrtko I Kotromanic. Tvrtko is considered to be one of the biggest kings in the Balkan-region and was a great warrior that occupied many lands in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, especially Croatia and Serbia. No one know why Tvrtko I decided to build the Obelisk in the middle of a forest in Bakici, but there is an interesting legend regarding Tvrtko and the Obelisk. According to the legend, Tvrtko I was wounded by a wild boar when Tvrtko I was in the forest, hunting for food. The Obelisk was built on the same spot Tvrtko I was wounded, because he wanted to give some respect to the wild boar (there are different versions of the legend, but this version is the most common).

Tvrtko I
A statue of Tvrtko I, the first king of Bosnia.

As I said before, the legend is interesting. However, this legend is not true in my opinion. It does not seem logical that Tvrtko I would build a Obelisk because he was wounded by a wild boar. We need to remember that the 14th century was a very turbulence time in Europe. There were many wars and the Black Death killed many people, which resulted in a big catastrophe for many families and countries. It just does not make sense to use resources on a Obelisk for a wild boar that wounded you. Many have said that the small head-figure on the Obelisk represents a wild boar, but I would disagree. The small figure could also be some other animal, perhaps a bird, fox etc. The Obelisk is in the middle of the forest where you can find all kinds of animals; it does not need to be a wild boar. In addition, we can ask ourselves why Tvrtko I would use so much time and effort on this Obelisk, just for a wild boar. In conclusion, Tvrtko I could have hunted for animals, but he probably did not built a four meter high Obelisk just for a wild boar or some other animal.

Olovo 3
The Obelisk figure.

Like we just saw, the legend is probably not true, but the Obelisk had to represent something, that is for sure. The Obelisk is very special and it has not been found any similar Obelisk in Bosnia, especially not with a pyramid and stone sphere on the top. Not only that, but the Obelisk is very symmetrical. We can ask ourselves where got his inspiration for the pyramid and the stone sphere. Approximately 50 kilometres from the Obelisk, we can find the town of Visoko and the Bosnian pyramids. In 1377, Tvrtko I was crowned the king of Bosnia nearby Visoki, an old town, which is located on the top of the Bosnian Sun pyramid. Afterwards he lived in Visoki for a long time. The Bosnian Sun pyramid has almost a perfect shape of a pyramid and Tvrtko I could have received the inspiration for the Obelisk’s pyramid from the Bosnian Sun pyramid. In addition, many legends have stated specifically that Tvrtko I was crowned on a pyramid hill, and now in 2005 it has been discovered that the pyramidal hill that the legends stated, was in fact a pyramid.

The old town of Visoki.
The Bosnian Sun pyramid.

Approximately 80 kilometres from the Obelisk, you can find the Bosnian stone spheres in Zavidovici, and there are tens of stone spheres. Tvrtko I did perhaps get the inspiration from the stone spheres in Zavidovici. In addition, the sphere is located on the top of the pyramid of the Obelisk and this can represent his kingdom, because a sphere is has a very special geometrical shape and could symbolize many things, for instance, unity and much of Bosnia was united in the time of Tvrtko I. In addition, you can find many Stecci with triangular shapes engraved, especially around Visoko, but the Obelisk that Tvrtko I contained a real pyramid, not just some engravings. Now we perhaps know where Tvrtko I could have received he inspiration for the pyramid and sphere for his Obelisk.

One of the stone spheres that can be found in Zavidovici.
Olovo 7.PNG
Another picture of the objects above the rectangular structure.

Like I addressed before, pyramid engravings can be found around the Visoko region, but the Obelisk is unique because it contains a real pyramid with all four sides. To strengthen the hypothesis that Tvrtko I got inspiration to build a pyramid from the Bosnian Sun pyramid, then we can just look around on some other Stecci. Many of them are showing spirals in a triangular shape and engravings that really look like pyramids and not some triangles. In my opinion, many of these did get inspiration from the Bosnian Sun pyramid, even if they did not know about the pyramids. The northern side of the Bosnian Sun pyramid is very fascinating and special and no wonder that those that engraved the pyramids on the different Stecci needed to have it on their own work. Another example is the pyramid that was found only some kilometres from the Bosnian Sun pyramid in the area ‘’Okoliste.’’ All these things could be traces of the Bosnian pyramids.

The pyramid artefact.
Pyramid 1
Stecak that has triangular symbols.
Pyramid 2
Triangular symbols on some other Stecak.
Another triangular symbol on a Stecak.
Pyramid 3.JPG
Triangular symbol.

There are also many symbols and I will address each symbol. The first symbol is the grapes and grapes are one of the most important fruits in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With grapes, you can make wine and other kind of food. The climate for grapes is perfect in the region, especially in Herzegovina.  

The second symbol is the flower. There are two different types of flowers on the Obelisk. There is nothing unusual with these flowers, because they can be found on other monuments like Stecci around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Flowers can symbolize many different things, for instance, unity, ambition etc.

The different flowers in the middle, with grapes and spirals on the side.

The Obelisk contains many spirals. These spirals can be found on other Stecci around Bosnia and Herzegovina and are very common in the region. The spirals could represent the galaxy, because they really look like the Milky Way Galaxy, but the spirals can of course represent something very different. I think Tvrtko I got inspiration from other Stecci in Bosnia and Herzegovina and decided to place those symbols on his own Obelisk. If the spirals on the different Stecci accross the Balkan-region are our Milky Way Galaxy, then those who built them had good knowledge about astronomy. Furthermore, the night sky in Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful and very clear, especially in the summer, which could have made the Milky Way easier to see for the ancients. In addition, the spirals could represent infinity. Infinity perhaps of our universe, because the ancient could have thought that the universe was infinite, and it really looks like it is infinite if we look up on the night sky. It seems so big and mysterious for us. It would have been more mysterious for those that did not know a lot about the planets and stars. 

Olovo 1
The spirals on the Obelisk.
The Milky Way Galaxy.
The night sky. 

The last symbol on the Obelisk is the figure, which many think is a wild boar and I have discussed this before and concluded that it does not need to be a wild boar, because the legend of the wounding of Tvrtko I and him making an Obelisk for the pig, does not make sense. However, it could be some other animal, probably an animal that can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is very difficult to answer why Tvrtko I built this Obelisk. I personally believe that it has some connections with the Bosnian pyramids, because there is a perfectly shaped pyramid, which is over the rectangular part of the Obelisk and under a sphere. The geometrical shape of the pyramid and sphere is sacred, especially if we are talking about ancient sites around the world. Perhaps the Obelisk is a part of some energy system, just like the Bosnian pyramids. It would perhaps be a good idea to scan the Obelisk with different scientific instruments to check if there is a energy field that is coming from the Obelisk. The Obelisk could simply also be a normal Steccak that Tvrtko I left for the Bosnian people. The Obelisk needs more research and perhaps we will never surely know why Tvrtko I built this amazing Obelisk in the middle of a forest in Bakici.

Olovo 5
The Bosnian Obelisk.

We have now looked into the Bosnian Obelisk in the village of Bakici. The Obelisk is very interesting and mysterious and now we can only guess what kind of purpose the Obelisk served. The legend about the Obelisk is not true, mostly because it does not seem logical. In addition, the Obelisk could also have some connections with the Bosnian pyramids and the stone spheres in Zavidovici. We will perhaps never know the true purpose of the Obelisk, but it is necessary to research this Obelisk further, and potentially make this Obelisk a touristic stronghold, which can put Olovo and Bakici back on the map of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, and this article is a good start.

*  *  *

My name is Djani Behram. I am a researcher of ancient places around the world, mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am also the ambassador of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and I have volunteered at the Bosnian pyramids in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016. I have good experience about the Bosnian pyramids and archaeological sites in the region. In addition, I own the biggest site about the Bosnian pyramids, which is posting news and pictures almost every day. I also own a YouTube site, called TheBIHLover, which is posting a video almost every Wednesday. If you have any questions or feedback, please send it to my email:

My Facebook page:

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19 thoughts on “The Mysterious Bosnian Obelisk”

  1. Djani, this is very, very nice article you wrote about something which most of Bosnians don’t have a cleue, including me as well.
    Thank you very much for your effort and all your enthusiasm which is really deserving respect.
    Thank you for promoting some of treasure pieces of my country and next time you come to Bosnia…contact me.
    I would like very much to meet you…
    Best regards!


    1. Hello Suad. I’m very glad that you liked my article and thank you for your kind words. It’s a real shame that most of the Bosnian people doesn’t know about this Obelisk, because this could be a great touristic site. I will come to Bosnia and Herzegovina in July. First to spend time with my family in Mostar, then go to Visoko and be there for approximately seven days. I wish you all the best.


  2. I have a theory of what the obelisk says… Its a cross roads a universal road map. Each side shows you what country or city is next and how many days or 0 days it will take. The flowers represent the sun so 2 suns would make it a 2 day journey. The grapes tell you of the sort of supplies or how large the the city is possibly. The one with the two spirals at the bottom where it ends I feel there may be another obelisk there or it means just journey on open road. I do feel I am on to something. I feel the boar image is just to warn you to be weary of boars on the road; a hazard sign. If you have images of each side and which side faces which I would like to further research this and put something together.


    1. Hello Brooks. It’s an interesting theory, but I don’t think the flowers represents the sun, because the flowers can be found on other Stecci around the region. The figure could be a hazard sign, but that doesn’t explain what kind of animal it is. Of course, you can research it all you want. Here you have a video of the Obelisk:


  3. Hi Djani, I know that, as a critic of the so-called Bosnian ‘pyramids’ I’m probably not welcome here, but anyway: as someone who seems to be genuinely interested in history and archaeology, you should be aware that this obelisk is not as ‘unknown’ as you seem to believe, and has been studied by Bosnian historians and archaeologists. You can find a page about it and the surrounding necropolis, with some bibliography, on the website of the Commission to Preserve National Heritage:
    I have also written an article about the Bosnian stecci where you can find, along some criticism of certain pseudoarchaeological interpretations of the stecci, several links to books and pages about these marvels:
    I hope you can find there some interesting informations that should complement your own interpretations.


    1. Hello Irna. Everyone is welcomed to read my articles and comment on them. Yes, it is in the comission to Preserve National Heritage, however, if you search Google, you will only find two articles with some sentences and my video. Nothing else. So this Obelisk is unknown and many Bosnian have never heard about this structure at all. Yes, you have written a lot of things and that is your own subjective opinion. Many of the symbols can be found on other Stecci, especially in Stolac, where there are tens of Stecci, especially in Radimlja. However, not one of these Stecci has a pyramid or a sphere on the top of the whole structure. Furthermore, this Obelisk is placed in the middle of the forest. Usually there are many Stecci in one place. This Obelisk deserves more research, just as I wrote in my article. To simply call this a Stecak, is weak. We don’t know a lot about the other Stecci also, other than they were medieval tombstones (which also could be discussed). To make something like this Obelisk in the 14th century is very unusual.


      1. I just hope, for the sake of your future studies, that you will read some of the books written by Bosnian historians, and will not limit your research to what can be found on the web!
        Best, Irna


      2. Of course, Irna. But it was necessary to make an article about this Obelisk so it can get known on internet, and for the people of Olovo. Others can also have their own opinion around this Obelisk. The important thing is that this amazing structure gets the recognition it deserves. Thanks.


      3. Hello Irna. Weird. I approved the comment yesterday, but it seems like the comment won’t appear. I will look into it.

        EDIT: I fixed it now. Looks like I needed to answer the comment, so the comment could go public, but that doesn’t explain other comments I approved. Anyways, the comment is now public and I have replied to it.


  4. To interpret the tombstone , it is necessary to know the customs and culture of the period when the rise for tombstones and occurs when the obelisk. There is no doubt that the tombstone riced by the nobles, the king or some other wealthy. But not necessarily too wealthy percent is not a temple with huge columns, but only stone of 4 meters. Legends of the boar should initially rejected. But the fact is at disputed motif of the obelisk is just boar. No, rabbit, cat, dragon,.. just boar. No matter who established the obelisk, the king or some other nobles – it is only related to the symbolism of hunting or simply means someone’s private hunting ground. At that time all the activities of the Bosnian nobles reduced to policy and hunting. Administration officials have performed, an taked care of all other tings, and policy is reduced to sporadic letters that are not so often arriving and analysis with advisors. Hunting has always been the main concern, the main pastime of the Bosnian nobility. We are talking about the period without the media, the Internet, the rapid pace of life, .. where the understanding of the world amounted only to local activities and sporadic news from the side.
    Other symbols on tombstone such as spirals and rosettes are common at the time, at all material remains. Tombstone is not huge and expensive project that would require excessive resources. That job could do a couple of stonemasons in a few days for money certainly not too high for a king or other nobles. We can discussed what was the inspiration for the artist pyramid and ball on top .. but certainly not any knowledge of astronomy, Milky Way, the pyramids in Visoko, which are far forgotten history at that time if we consider that all the stories about them is correct . So it is unnecessary to inject mysticism and fairy tales, and if it commercially and justify – then that story has some kind of logic. And at a time when there is no written record about the pyramids in Bosnia, galaxies. So, once again – look good obelisk and you’ll see decorations that were more common trend, usually a cultural way of cutting the blend of domestic creativity and influence of the Dubrovnik. Also we have tombstones in Bosnia with the motif of the swastika, .. old Indo-European symbol that is often used in ancient time, Roman period and continued later – which of course does not mean that it raised the Bosnian medieval Nazis or restored look to the future. A motive boar just can symbolize boar – or hunting ground. Nobles of the Middle Ages all over Europe have left a multitude of written records on penalties, offices, prohibitions, .. related to their hunting grounds. Books about the Middle Ages are available, there are also online editions, ..


    1. Hello Realista.

      I answered you in Bosnian on the translation of this article. It would be nice if you could answer there, however, it’s fine by me if you want to write in English on this article.


  5. Realista, I want to answer you in English regarding the connection between the Sun pyramid and the obelisk and the astronomy when it comes to the obelisk and spirals.

    Like I said in the article. Tvrtko and others could have never known about the Sun pyramid, but the northern side of the Sun pyramid (Visocica) has always been very special. It’s a perfect triangle and that triangle could have been some kind of inspiration for the pyramid on the top of the obelisk. Many argue that the pyramid on the top of the obelisk is just a simple ”roof,” and these designs could have been found on houses in the region in the Middle Ages, however, there are very few Stecci that has these kind of pyramids on top. There are some, but the dimension of this pyramid on top of the obelisk is unique, in my opinion.

    The spirals could in fact be our galaxy and I’m not alone thinking about that, many argue that the spirals you can find on different stecci are the galaxies. Now, I have not studied the Bosnian church so much, but I really believe that people had good knowledge about astronomy. In the region, especially in Herzegovina you can see the stars perfectly, I mean it’s very clear in the night, and it’s just simply amazing. So therefore we can say that they studied astrology in some way. We need to remember that there are many different cultures in the area and those who came later in the Middle ages had inherited that knowledge, if you know what I mean.

    Like I commented on the translation of this article, I would say that they have used a good amount of resources on this obelisk, because this obelisk is still standing after hundreds of years If someone used poor resources, then this obelisk would not have stayed like it has for so many years. We can’t forget that there has been a culture in the area and some kilometers from the obelisk you can find stecci and a church that has been built probably in those times that the obelisk has been built, however, there has not been so much research in this area, which is very sad. Some weeks ago, there has not been one article that explains this obelisk in a good and objective way. I’m as always open for suggestions and I hope that this obelisk will get the recognition it deserves.


  6. I have been to many of the stecci and you can see my video here:

    Now, when I talk about the galaxies I don’t talk only about the obelisk, but other stecci also, because you can find the same symbols on the other stecci. Now to prove my point. As you see on the video (two different places of stecci), there are many stecci that are laying beside each other, while this obelisk is in the middle of the forest, no matter if there are stecci 10 kilometers from here. This obelisk is standing alone and this is one of the reasons why this obelisk is so mysterious from other stecci.


  7. someone i know who worked on the excavation of the Bosnian pyramid reckons it could have been an irrigation system with water coming out at the top. how far fetched would it have been to have a giant ball sitting at the top for regulation? kind of like some water features you see today? and the spirals a symbol of water?


    1. also, he found a roman relief in Bosnia of two men sitting talking while a pyramid shape pours water from the top (in the middle)


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