The Cardinal Points and the Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids

There has been many discussions about the Bosnian pyramids since they were discovered in 2005. Many people think that the Bosnian pyramids are natural, while some think that the pyramids are artificial. I am here to show the mysteries of the Bosnian pyramids and their cardinal points.

As we know, there are five structures in Visoko, Bosnian Sun Pyramid, Moon pyramid, Dragon pyramid, Love pyramid and Temple of Mother Earth. I will also focus on the structures in Vratnica and the Ginje mound. We are going to study the cardinal points and sides of the different structures in Visoko, and we are going to discover some very interesting things just by studying different maps. I will be using Google Earth to point out the sides and the cardinal points of the different structures. Not only that, but I will try to connect the Bosnian pyramids with different constellations.

Let us start with the cardinal points. One of the most important evidences when it comes to finding out if the pyramids are natural or artificial, are the cardinal points, north, south, east and west. Many pyramids are oriented to the north, especially the Egyptian pyramids. It is highly unlikely that a hill is oriented to the north or to other cardinal points. Most of the pyramids in Bosnia are oriented to some cardinal point and the sides match almost perfectly, especially on the Bosnian Sun pyramid.

The Bosnian Sun pyramid has two perfectly shaped sides, the third that has probably been eroded over time and the fourth is missing, probably because the fourth side was eroded badly in the last years.

The Bosnian Sun pyramid.

If we take a closer look on the Bosnian Sun pyramid, we can see how the Bosnian Sun pyramid is shaped. We have an access plateau on the western side and the other sides that match the cardinal points. More about the sides of the Bosnian pyramids here: Explaining the Bosnian Sun pyramid

The sides of the Bosnian Sun pyramid.

You can clearly see that the Bosnian Sun pyramid is shaped and has had some human-intervention. The most interesting point is that the pyramid is matching the cardinalpoints perfectly and that the Bosnian Sun pyramid is oriented to the north.

The Bosnian Sun pyramid matching the cardinal points.

The picture you just saw is a picture that was taken on the top of the Bosnian Sun pyramid approximately in the middle of the structure. If we take a closer look from Google Earth, you can still see that the Bosnian Sun pyramid is matching the cardinal points. I did also make a video regarding the cardinal points of the Bosnian Sun pyramid, which you can find here: Cardinal Points of the Bosnian Sun pyramid

Sun 1
The Bosnian Sun pyramid via satellite still matching the cardinal points. Compass on the right corner of the picture is pointing to north. Sattelite provided by Google Earth.

If we look on a topographic map in 3D, we can clearly see how the Bosnian Sun pyramid stands out from other ordinary hills. We did look at the cardinal points and we now know that they match. The topographic map is only reinforcing the existence of the Bosnian Sun pyramid.

The topographic map of the Bosnian Sun pyramid.

While the Bosnian Sun pyramid resembles like an Egyptian pyramid, the Bosnian Moon pyramid is different and can resemble as a Mexican pyramid. The structure is leaning towards a hill on the eastern side, which also function as an access plateau to the pyramid. The pyramid has also a flat plateau and after the excavations, it seems that the pyramid has small sandstone blocks.

The Bosnian Moon pyramid. (Picture by Jock Doubleday)


Blocks on the Bosnian Moon pyramid plateau.

The Bosnian Moon pyramid is a beautiful structure and it is much bigger than it seems, but it looks like there has been a major landslide on the western side of the Moon pyramid. Because we can clearly see, if we use Google Earth, that there is a particular shape to the Bosnian Moon pyramid on the bottom. This is not easy to see, however, I am going to mark it. We will start at the bottom. 

Moon pyramid from Google earth.png
The Bosnian Moon pyramid without any lines via Google Earth. The pyramid is matching the cardinal points.


Moon pyramid corners
Lines showing the continuation of the Bosnian Moon pyramid.

Now we have seen the possible sides of the Bosnian Moon pyramids, which is running many meters below the green vegetation. If we continue marking the Bosnian Moon pyramid, following the sides, we get an interesting shape.

Moon pyramid corners 1
The intereting shape of the Bosnian Moon pyramid. All lines are following the sides of the Bosnian Moon pyramid which are covered by vegetation.

If the lines on the picture, which you just saw, were originally the sides of the Moon pyramid, then we can figure out how the Moon pyramid looked like before. We can also see that the pyramid is matching the cardinal points. A hill can not have perfect angles cardinal points. Yes, the western side has had a landslide, but perhaps I did show and mark the original shape of the pyramid, which we can see that it has good angles. This means that the Bosnian Moon pyramid has also had some human-intervention, no matter if it was an hill before and reshaped to be a pyramid or if it was built from the ground and up.

The third pyramid is the Bosnian Dragon pyramid, which is a very special structure. The Dragon pyramid has one triangular sides, while it is probably connected with a hill. The Dragon pyramid is either an unfinished project or just a structure with one triangular side. There has not been much research on the Bosnian Dragon pyramid, but I am sure that it has some similarities with the other structures in Visoko.

Bosnian Dragon pyramid. Picture by Sanel Silajdzic.

The Dragon pyramid has one pyramidal sides, which is oriented to the north. The orientation is perfect if we look from Google Earth. In addition, it looks like the Dragon pyramid also has a half-triangular side, oriented perfectly to the east.

Bosnian Dragon pyramid from Google Earth.png
The Dragon pyramid from Google Earth satellite.
Dragon north and east.png
The northern and eastern side of the Dragon pyramid, which are mathing the cardinal points.

The Dragon pyramid is a very special structure and needs to be researched more if we are going to conclude anything. Now the structure is only a part of a much bigger mystery regarding the Bosnian pyramids.

If we move further, to the Bosnian Love pyramid, we can see that this structure is also leaned towards one of the hills, but we can clearly see three sides and one flat plateau. It looks like the Moon pyramid, but just in a smaller version.

Bosnian Love pyramid.

The Love pyramid’s sides do not match the cardinal points, but the corners of the pyramid do, which is very interesting. We can also clearly see that the structure is shaped. By studying the pyramids via Google Earth sattelite, we can cleary see where the sides of the Love pyramids are. The structure has sharp sides and corners. In addition, the sides of the Love pyramid are at 45 degrees to the cardinal points, just as the pyramid in Monte Alban.

The Monte Alban pyramid.

The Love pyramid also has a very sharp corner on the northeastern slope of the structure, but it is not as sharp as the southern side. The reason behind this is that the Sun and Love pyramids could be connected to each other. Jock Doubleday explored the slopes between the Sun and Love pyramids on the northeastern edge of the Love pyramid and his research was very interesting (Alternating Clay and Concrete Layers in the Crevice between the Bosnian Pyramid of Love and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun). Nothing yet is concluded, but it could be possible that the Sun and Love pyramids are connected. In addition, the Love pyramid needs more research, especially on the ground.

Bosnian Love pyramid.PNG
Bosnian Love pyramid from Google Earth sattelite. You can see that the corners of the pyramid is matching the cardinal points.

The Temple of Mother Earth is not a pyramid, but a structure. The structure has special shape, which looks like a quarter of a circle. In addition, the structure has a triangular shape to the eastern side, which is also the ending of the structure.

The Temple of Mother Earth.

I have studied the Google Earth maps of the Temple of Mother Earth and I found something interesting. It looks like the triangular shape on the structure has an almost perfect orientation to the east. It is not easy to see, since the triangular shape of the structure has been partially destroyed. It also appears that the deepest section of the Temple of Mother Earth has an orientation to the south, while if we look from the other side, where the structure has a bigger ‘’lean,’’ the part of the structure is then oriented to the north. The orientations of Temple of Mother Earth needs to be researched further, not only by Google Earth and different maps.

Hram Majke Zemlje Earth.PNG
Temple of Mother Earth via Google Earth satellite.
North east, curves, top.png
The triangle having an almost perfect orientation to east and the approximate peak of the Temple of Mother Earth, having an orientation to north and south.

Another special thing about the Bosnian valley of the pyramids is if you connect the tops of the Bosnian Sun, Moon and Dragon pyramid, you will get an equilateral triangle. Each side of this triangle is 2.2 kilometers in length (+/- 2%) and has three internal angles of 60 degrees.

The triangle connecting the peaks of the Bosnian Sun, Moon and Dragon pyramid.

We can clearly see that the triangle is not only connecting the three different pyramids, but also the lines are crossing the other two structures, which are Temple of Mother Earth and the Love pyramid. Not only that, but the line is crossing the Temple of Mother Earth in the middle and crosses the structure very deep to the east, where the structure starts and connects the Moon pyramid. While on the other side, the line is crossing the start of the Love pyramid and onto the the Sun pyramid from the south.

Geologist Rich Hoyle has researched the triangle and he discovered some mind-blowing topographical alignments. He has discovered that you can connect the different structures with a circle and that if you connect all of the topographical alignments, you get different geometrical shapes. More information on his article, under case two: 9 Cases That Prove the Existence of Pyramids in Bosnia

The circle that connects the Bosnian pyramids.

These alignments are not some coincidences. The ancients, who built and shaped the structures, planned everything closely. We know that by researching the different structures from the air, ground and different scientific instruments.

Another very interesting thing is the Ginje hill, which is probably an artificial constructed hill of some kind, because there has been found rectangular blocks on the hill. Now, the artificially constructed hill is not the most interesting part. If you look from the Ginje hill to northeast, you can perfectly see almost all of the structures of the Bosnian pyramids, apart from the Bosnian Moon pyramid.

Picture showing a part of the Ginje hill.
The Bosnian valley of the pyramids from Ginje hill. The Dragon pyramid is to the left, while the Temple of Mother Earth is to the right. The Love and Sun pyramids are in the middle.

The interesting thing is that if you look directly at the Bosnian Sun pyramid, you can see that the structure is cut by half by the Love pyramid and their sides fit perfectly. You can also see how the South side could have looked like before the erosion and you can see that the western side connects with the eastern side like an ordinary pyramid or structure. If you stand in the middle of the hill, then you look directly at the Sun and Love pyramid, which is very extraordinary.

The Love pyramid cutting the Sun pyramid pefectly by half

Furthermore, the side of the Love pyramid, which is cutting the half of the Bosnian Sun pyramid, moves further to the middle of Temple of Mother Earth. Not only that, but it looks like that the valley is aligned with the constellation of Cassiopeia. If you look from the Ginje hill towards the valley and connect the different structures, you will get the constellation. Cassiopeia is a legendary figure in the Greek mythology. She was also a queen. Now, I do not want to get deep into the whole story of Cassiopeia, but the constellation can be seen the whole year from the northern hemisphere, although sometimes upside down. It is also possible that the constellation was special for the ancient builders of the pyramids in Bosnia in a different way and that they believed something else around the Cassiopeia constellation. The constellation really matches the Bosnian valley of the pyramids if you look from Ginje and it is beatiful. Cassiopeia was one of the most beautiful queens in the Greek mythology. It really reflects the Bosnian pyramids. If you want to read more about the constellation, please go to point eight in this article: 9 Cases That Prove the existence of Pyramids in Bosnia

The constellation of Cassiopeia.

The age of the Ginje hill is still unknown. The artificial hill was probably a sacred place for the ancients, because it is one of the best lookouts of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. Ginje hill needs more research and excavations to conclude when and who built this hill, which has a perfect lookout towards the valley.

Approximately 3.5 kilometres from Visoko, there is a village called Vratnica. This village has a Tumulus, which is over 30 meters high. This tumulus was discovered in 2008 and has been excavated by the foundation (Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun Foundation) and the structure has many perfectly shaped and rectangular blocks.

Vratnica Tumulus.

What is special with this tumulus is that it is not totally half, but has a plateau that is coming from the back of the structure. We can compare this access plateau with the other pyramids in Visoko, for instance, Sun pyramid and Moon pyramid. This means that whoever built the structures in Visoko, also built an access plateau, perhaps for easier access to the different structure, but it could also be for structural stability. In case of an earthquake the structure will not collapse, because it ‘’leans’’ to the access plateau.

We know that there is one tumulus in Vratnica, but there are probably another two more, only meters from each other. These two structures are perhaps artificial constructed hills. The second mound is much smaller than the bigger tumulus, and this mound has an access plateau. The other is smaller than the second mound.

The second potentially constructed mound in Vratnica.
The third potentially constructed mound in Vratnica.

Could there be any connections with the different mounds in the area? Well, I researched it by using Google Earth and did research it on different maps. I even checked different reports from the area, especially the report from geologist Rich Hoyle (The report by geologist Rich Hoyle). What I found out is mind-blowing. I noticed some big similarities between the Giza pyramids and the tumulus and mounds in the Vratnica. The Giza pyramids do probably have some connections with the constellation of Orion, the three main stars in the Orion constellation. Now, if we compare the constellation of the Giza pyramids, with the mounds in Vratnica, we get a very interesting result. Not only that, but also the stars and structures goes from the biggest to the smallest, just like the Giza pyramids.

The Giza pyramids potentially forming the constellation of Orion.
Constellation Vratnica.PNG
The Vratnica structures are almost forming the constellation of Orion.

The similarities are very interesting and they only raise more questions. Could there be some connections between the Vratnica structures and the Orion constellation? If the structures really have some connections, then those who built the structures in Vratnica would have had good knowledge about astronomy, especially if they built the structures in a way that matches the Orion constellation. One thing is certain, the structures in Vratnica need more research.

We have now looked into the cardinal points and the sides of the different pyramids in Visoko. Not only that, but we have tried to connect the Bosnian valley of the pyramids with different constellations. We have also proved that some of the pyramids match the cardinal points, either by the corners or the sides, and all of the pyramids has sharp corners. When three different structures match the cardinal points perfectly, then there is no coincidence. It means that we are dealing with artificial structures. It will be important to research the different structures and their connections with other constellations and structures around the world in the future. The pyramids in Bosnia are still one of the most mysterious and interesting archaeological places in the 21st century and it will only get more interesting in the future.


My name is Djani Behram. I am the ambassador and videographer of the Archeaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I volunteered at the Bosnian pyramids in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and have good knowlegde and experience about the Bosnian pyramids. I own the biggest Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagich page on Facebook. The page is posting news and pictures almost every day. I own a Youtube channel called TheBIHLover with new videos almost every Wednesday. If you have any questions please ask me on email:

My Facebook page:

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Bosnian pyramids official website:


Further research:

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