The Mysterious Artefacts of the Bosnian Pyramids

Since the Bosnian pyramids were discovered by Dr. Semir Osmanagich in 2005, there has been many excavations on the different structures and the two tunnels in Visoko. There are five structures in Visoko, which contains, the Bosnian Sun pyramid, Moon pyramid, Dragon pyramid, Love pyramid and the Temple of Mother Earth. Furthermore, there is one Tumulus in Vratnica and one other structure in the Ginje Village, which is near Visoko. There are also two tunnels, the KTK tunnels and the most known, the Ravne tunnels.

There has been many artefacts that has been discovered since 2005 and some of them are very interesting and could give us an understanding in which civilization or culture we are dealing with. There is no doubt that the builders of the Bosnian pyramids were very connected to the nature and we can see that by studying some of the artefacts very close. There has, of course, been found artefacts that cannot be natural and must have some human-intervention.

Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

I have some pictures of some different artefacts that are one of the most interesting foundings that has been found in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The artefacts has different sizes and different materials and has been found on different structures and tunnels around the Bosnian pyramids and Visoko.

We need to remember that there is no great answers, yet, to these artefacts and what the ancient builders were thinking about when they shaped or made them. So we can only try, right now, to find and maybe guess the answers, but of course, the artefacts and the pyramids in Visoko are giving more questions than answers right now. Also, remember that the point of this article is to give the public some understandings to the Bosnian pyramids and its artefacts.

Let us begin with the artefacts that has been found on the structures or around Visoko. The most interesting and convincing artefact is the pyramid that has been found in the area ‘’Okoliste,’’ which is circa three kilometers from Visoko. German archaeologists in the collaboration with the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina found the pyramid-artefact while excavating an archaeological site. The material that the artefact is made of is ceramic and the artefact was in Germany for research and is now probably in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, hidden from the public.

The pyramid artefact what was found circa three kilometers from Visoko.

The picture you just saw is one of the few pictures of the artefact on the internet. People have different thories of what this artefact is, but we can almost certainly say that this artefact is a pyramid. Which pyramid it is, we do not know, but it could be the Bosnian Moon pyramid because the pyramid looks more like a Mexican pyramid, than an Egyptian pyramid, because the Egyptian pyramids looks more like the Bosnian Sun pyramid.  Of course, everyone can have their own opinion about this artefact.

The next artefact was found on the slope of the Bosnian Dragon pyramid, one of the few artefacts that has been discovered on the Dragon pyramid. There is not too much information on this artefact on the internet, but the artefact has one stone, where the stone is grey, with colour red.

The amulet artefact, with its amazing red colour.

This artefact is very interesting, although it is much smaller than on the picture. The artefact can represent many different things. Some say that it is an amulet, while others say that it is some kind small statue. It could also represent the three different pyramids, Sun, Moon and Dragon pyramids that are in Visoko. One thing is sure, that it has been some kind of human-intervention with this artefact, because the nature can not shape these kind of stones with sharp edges where the grey stone is.

There is also an artefact that represent some kind of foot. The artefact was found on the Tumulus in Vratnica and it was found circa one meter under the soil. The material is sandstone.

last ned
One of the first foot artefacts that has been discovered in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

This is not the first foot-artefact that was discovered in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. There has been found foot-artefacts in the tunnels also. It appears that this artefact is representing the right side of the foot and the interesting thing is that almost every foot-artefact that has been found has most probably been a right-foot. Some foot-artefacts even have symbols on them.

Slike za Semira i Tima 106.JPG
Another foot artefact, but this artefact has mysterious symbols.

I am not quite sure where this artefact was found, but the artefact was studied by volunteers in the foundation’s (Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation) laboratory. The volunteers tried to draw the symbols on a piece of paper and it could be some kind of ancient language or something else. One of the most interesting things, when I studied the artefact, was that there is some kind of figure on the artefact. These foot-artefacts needs to be researched further to get some more information about them.

There has also been many face-artefacts that has been found in the Bosnian Valley of the pyramids. The most popular is the face-artefact, which was found on the top of the Bosnian Sun pyramid. The artefact is very small and soft.

Is this some kind of an ancient face?

There is not much information on this artefact, but you can see that it has a face on it, even though the stone is natural, someone could have shaped it in the past. If there was some human intervention, can of course be discussed, but luckily, I have more pictures of this stone, since the owner of this artefact, showed it to me in 2012 and I took pictures of it. These pictures were never published anywhere other than Facebook.

The second face on the same artefact.
Third mysterious face on the same artefact.

Now, this artefact has not one or two faces, but it has three. If it is natural however, iit only shows how mysterious the Bosnian pyramids are. It should be debated if the stone has had some human-intervention, and if it has, then we can see that the ancient builders lived with the nature and for the nature. Unfortunately, I do not know where this artefact is, but I hope that someone can research it further.

Another artefact that is extremely interesting and that there has been some research on, is the sandstone plate that has been found on the Bosnian Sun pyramid in 2006. The artefact has many different symbols and many people have tried to make their own conclusions of what the symbols represent. Many people have said that it is some kind of a map of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, while other say that it is an astronomical map of Visoko that is more than 100 000 years old, there is even an article on the artefact (Visoko: An Astronomical Map of More than 100,000 Years). 

Some kind of map?


Unknown symbols.

That was the most interesting artefacts that has been found on the surface of the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The reason that there is not so much artefacts, on the surface, is because we are speaking of many different cultures that have been in the area and that could have used or destroyed the artefacts that belonged to the builders of the pyramids in Visoko.

The other artefact is from the Bosnian Moon pyramid, which in my opinion shows that there has been some human-intervention in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The block has perfectly shaped sides with 90 degrees on all four sides and material is hard sandstone, which is very common in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. Luckily, I have a picture of the artefact

One of the perfectly shaped blocks on the Bosnian Moon pyramid.

This artefact can tell a lot about the construction of the different pyramids, even though it is a piece of the Bosnian Moon pyramid, can this artefact tell us what civilization the Bosnian Moon pyramid. The blocks on the Bosnian Moon pyramids are different than the Bosnian Sun pyramid blocks and this could be a proof that the two pyramids were not built by the same civilization, but one civilization than came later. More datings of the Bosnian Moon pyramid is needed. The blocks on the Bosnian Moon pyramid has also been proved that they are man-made. More in this video: Analysis of the blocks from the Bosnian pyramids

We are now moving underground, in the Ravne and KTK tunnels, where the Ravne tunnel is the most interesting and has the most artefacts in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

There has not been a lot of research in the KTK tunnels, because the tunnel is going under the nearby river and the foundation needs more resources to research and excavate this tunnel. The foundation has mostly focused on the Ravne tunnels, which of course is the most interesting tunnels right now. However, the foundation has excavated some parts of the KTK tunnel and found an interesting artefact, which is representing a stone wheel. The material that composes the wheel is sandstone.

The mysterious artefact that was found in the KTK tunnels. (Picture by Philip Coppens)

The artefact’s pieces were found during the removal of the debris and has been pieced together by the foundation and as you can see, the pieces fit good. What purpose this wheel had is unsure and it should be debated if it represents something else than a wheel. Other people have suggested that it is an ancient column, which is possible.

Because that was the only artefact that has been found in the KTK tunnels, we are moving to the Ravne tunnels. The Ravne tunnels are best known for their different megaliths that has been found since the excavations started in 2006. It has already been proved by researchers that the megaliths, especially Megalith K1, K2 and K5 have some kind of energy. When it comes to the artefacts, there are some symbols on the K1 megalith.

Samo mali video 078
Megalith K1
Some mysterious symbols that are engraved on the Megalith K1.


Samo mali video 076
Megalith K2

There are many symbols on this megalith and it goes from arrows to some kind of letters. Some are saying that it could be some kind of language or map over the Visoko valley. Some also say that the megalith K2 is a map over the Visoko valley, because some say that the crack in the middle of the megalith is representing the two rivers; Bosna and Fojnica.

These are, of course, big artefacts, but they are important for understanding of the civilization that built the structures in Visoko and that is what artefacts are all about. The other big megalith that has been discovered in 2013 is megalith K5, which is a very big megalith and stretches for many meters.

Samo mali video 043.JPG
Megalith K5

The megaliths symbolise that the Ravne tunnels is a sacred place and I don’t think nature could have shaped the megaliths, especially megalith K2, because it has a special shape. There has also been discovered other megaliths in the Ravne tunnels.

Other megaliths that has been discovered in the Ravne tunnels.

The interesting thing in Ravne tunnels is that there are many megaliths that look like some parts of our body. There are megaliths that could represent some kind of face, brain and liver. It could symbolise that the different areas in the tunnels are good for the different parts for our body. If the artefacts that has been found in the Ravne tunnels, really represent parts of our body, then this would astonishing, because then we have proof that the ancients had good knowledge about anatomy, even though if it was 30 000 years ago. Because it could not be a coincidence that they designed those body-artefacts so precisely without having some knowledge about anatomy.  

Some kind of face?
Carla 118
Carla 009.JPG
Liver or some other part of our body?

The other mysterious artefact is the runic symbols that has been found on a megalith in the Ravne tunnels. The symbols can of course be some other ancient language, but right now, it is most probably runes. As we all know, the runic alphabet is found in Northern-Europe and the Germany-region. Runes were used from the 2nd century CE. There is no documented runic symbols in Southern-Europe, although if the symbols on one of the megaliths in Ravne, really are runic symbols, then we would get many answers of which people were in the tunnels before us.

12552781_730413330392208_273685558103134173_n (1)
The runic symbols on one of the megaliths in Ravne.
Samo mali video 083.JPG
How the runic symbols are.

There is a hypothesis that there were three civilizations that used the Ravne tunnels for some purposes. The first one is the one that built the tunnels and used the Ravne tunnels material for the Bosnian Sun pyramid, the second was the one that built the other pyramids around, like the Bosnian Moon pyramid. The third was the civilization that closed the tunnels for some thousand years ago. After the carbon datings it has been proved that the Ravne tunnels are at least 30 000 years old. Could there be a fourth culture that closed the tunnels and made the symbols on the megalith? Could Germanic tribes have written these runes? Are they the last people that went inside the tunnels before they were closed by the filling material? The discovery of the symbols on one of the megaliths in Ravne raises more questions than answers.

The next artefact is much smaller and it could possibly be some kind of ancient stone mould. The artefact was also found in the Ravne tunnels in 2007, in the beginning of the excavations. It looks like that the artefact was some kind of tool-making mould.

The tool-making mould.

This artefact can tell us what kind of equipment the builders that built the pyramids were using and how they made them. If this is a tool-making mould, then this artefact is telling us that the ancients used simple, but advanced tricks to make different equipment.

Another artefact that was found in Ravne while removing the debris and that is interesting. It may be a tool-making artefact. 

Another tool-making stone.

This artefact looks natural at first, but you can clearly see that the artefact has an even circle in the middle and the whole artefact looks even with every side. There is not much information on this artefact, but luckily, it was photographed.

The artefacts that fit perfectly is someone’s hand has been discovered in the Ravne tunnels many times. Many have said that it could be some kind of tool, art-object or musical instrument. One of the most interesting artefact, of this kind of artefact, is the ‘’Effigy stone,’’ that was found in the Ravne tunnels, close to megalith K5. The artefact is particularly interesting because it has a face on it.

You can clearly see an head on the top of this artefact.

The face could represent the ancient women, but it could also represent some ancient Goddess of the builders. Many people have said that it looks like the Goddess Medusa, a Goddess from the Greek mythology. Did the builders of the tunnels and the pyramids had the same Gods as they had in the Greek mythology? It could also be some a piece ancient art. One thing is certain. The builders of the Bosnian pyramids had great contact with the nature and often, the nature was their Gods. 

These kind of artefacts can be found all around the Ravne tunnels, and it is the popular dry walls. These walls was surely built by some civilization or culture. The dry walls in the Ravne tunnels are different from the conglomerate and the filling-material, because the walls are stacked on each other. The filling-material is blocking the tunnels almost completely, while the dry walls are often blocking the tunnels to the half of the tunnels. The stuff behind the different dry walls are new tunnels and new intersections.

One of many dry walls in the Ravne tunnels.

What purposes these dry walls are serving is unknown, but they are blocking different tunnels. Not only that, but the dry walls were also found in the different water channels. The dry walls were also most probably made by the ones that blocked the Ravne tunnels, but it could also have been someone after the ones that blocked the tunnels, because we have already talked about the runic symbols in Ravne and that it could have been someone that lived there from 200 CE. Is it possible that the third civilization blocked the different tunnels with some dry walls and then it came a fourth culture or civilization and blocked everything with the filling-material? We can all draw our own conclusion, but we will probably know more in the future.

The other interesting artefact, where there are symbols on, is ‘’Language stone.’’ The language stone was also found in 2013 in Ravne and it shows some kind of symbols. It does not appear that the symbols on the ‘’Language stone,’’ are fully runic, because it has many different symbols outside the runic alphabet. It is unknown what language the artefact has.

The language stone.

The artefact could possibly be some kind of communication device. It is true that there has been many cultures in Visoko over the years and it could be possible that there has been many different cultures that has visited the tunnels, because there are many different symbols and artefacts that look like that they are coming from different cultures.

Another newly discovered artefact that was discovered in 2015 looks more like a figure. You can clearly see that the artefact has shoulders and a head and it appears that it could represent some kind of human. The artefact also has different lines that go around the whole stone.

Is this some kind of ancient art?

There has been found many artefacts of these kind, but this one is one of the best examples that has been photographed. It is a big possibility that the artefact could represent some kind of ancient art. The artefact could have been a normal stone at first, but was shaped to look like a figure. Again, these artefacts are telling us that the builders that built the Bosnian pyramids and the tunnels were strongly connected to nature.

Maybe you remember the artefact that was found on the Bosnian Dragon pyramid. Like we all know, the artefact had a red colour on a grey stone. Well, the same red-colour was found on another stone that was found in the Ravne tunnels in 2013. I have resarched the stone myself, and it has a very soft texture to it and the stone is not that heavy.

Again, a stone with the amazing red colour.

As you saw, it has a red colour that goes in a circle on the stone. Even though it could be natural, it is unlikely because the red circle is formed on a specific place and if it was natural, the colour could almost be all over the place. It looks like someone painted that stone for some unknown reason. Maybe the stone was a piece of art or something else. Some has also said that the red colour on the stone represents an eye. If this artefact was found in the Ravne tunnels, with the same red colour that the stone-amulet artefact was found on the Bosnian Dragon pyramid, then it could be some connections between the tunnels and the structures in Visoko. More research around this colour and its purpose is needed.

Other artefacts that has been found in the Ravne tunnels are small and big stones that fit perfectly in a hand. The artefacts could again have been natural at first, but shaped by some culture or civilization so that these stones fit perfectly in someone’s hand. Of course, this could be natural, but it raises this is debatable. When there has been found many different artefact of this kind, then it gets highly likely that the artefacts were some kind of tools for the ancient builders. However, it could also be a musical instrument. It gets more likely that the stones were shaped, when the stones that fit perfectly in someone’s hand, show up from the same tunnels.

One of the stones that could have been used as an ancient tool. (Picture by BoB Amsterdam)
Another stone that could be an ancient tool. (Picture by BoB Amsterdam)
Much smaller version of a stone that could be an ancient tool. (Picture by BoB Amsterdam)

Also, there has also been discovered many different stones in the Ravne tunnels that are triangular and many have said that the stones look like pyramids. These stones can be natural, but could this could also be some kind of ancient art. Often there has been found big triangular-stones that look like pyramids.

Bob 2
Small pieces of pyramids, which could be some kind of art? (Picture by BoB Amsterdam)
Pyramid artefact
Bigger pyramid artefact.

The next artefact has a triangular shape with 90 degrees on each side. These kinds of artafacts are often found in the Ravne tunnels This artefact is interesting, because it seems like there has been some human-intervention on it. Again, the purpose of this artefact is unsure, but it could have been used as a tool or instrument.

The perfectly shaped artefact.

On the next picture, you can cleary see that there has been found many different materials in the Ravne tunnels, everything from sandstone to conglomerate and they have particular shapes.

Different stones that can be found in the Ravne tunnels.

Those stones could be nothing more than nature, but why do we found so many stones of different materials in the tunnels? Maybe the ancient builders used all the materials they could get to build the pyramids in Bosnia and indeed, the pyramids in Visoko have different materials to them. More research to these stones is necessary.

Some months ago, my good friend Eric A. Vasallo sent me an article on email about the Olmec artefacts, which were really interesting (The article). I thought that it would be a good idea to include them in this article, because we can see some comparisments between the Olmec civilization and the Bosnian pyramids, regarding the artefacts, especially the artefacts from the Ravne tunnels. The Olmec civilization was one of the first major civilizations in Mexico. The datings, from them, date right now, from 1500 BCE and about 400 BCE. Their culture is very mysterious and they are most known of making those big Olmec heads. The Olmec civilization has also built some pyramids.

The Olmec head.

Now, we can compare some artefacts that has been found at the Bosnian valley of the pyramids and the Olmec artefacts. The shape of some of the stones is very similiar. Now, I have not studied the artefacts directly, but just by picture, so I can not state anything, but I can give an opinion. The Olmec civilization was also connected to the nature, we can see that clearly by looking at some of the stone artefacts, just as the Bosnian pyramid artefacts. Again, what purpose the artefacts served, is unknown, but it could be some pieces of different much bigger artefacts or it could simply be tools or art.

One of the Olmec artefacts.
Another Olmec artefact.

We can ask ourselves if the builders of the Bosnian pyramids were similiar to the Olmec civilization if we compare the different artefacts. One thing is certain, the artefacts from the Olmec civilization and the Bosnian pyramids are really interesting.

We have now looked into some of the different artefacts that has been discovered in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids and compared the artefacts with the Olmec civilization. There are of course more artefacts that has been discovered since 2005 in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, but there is not much information on them right now. The artefacts are very mysterious in my opinion, especially the artefacts that was found in Ravne and that look like some parts of our body. The artefacts that were discovered since 2005, are giving us an understanding of the builders, and the artefacts are showing us that the builders of the pyramids in Bosnia were in deep connection with the nature, which we clearly can see, by studying the different tools and art-objects. I’m sure that there will be more artefacts in the future and that we probably will have a better understanding of the different cultures and civilizations that have participated in the building of the pyramids in Bosnia or has only been in the area and used the different structures for some purposes, especially their energies. One thing is certain, more research of the Bosnian pyramids and their artefacts is necessary. I also want to thank Gorana Antolic for giving the idea for this article.


My name is Djani Behram. I am the ambassador and videographer of the Archeaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I volunteered at the Bosnian pyramids in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and have good knowlegde and experience about the Bosnian pyramids. I own the biggest Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagich page on Facebook. The page is posting news and pictures almost every day. I own a Youtube channel called TheBIHLover with new videos almost every Wednesday. If you have any questions please ask me on email:

My Facebook page:

My YouTube channel:

Bosnian pyramids official website:


Further research:

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10 thoughts on “The Mysterious Artefacts of the Bosnian Pyramids”

  1. I would love to know more of the water found in the pyramids and is it tru e about the make up of the water to be ancient and heavely amounts of purity unlike any other on earth ???? And the recordings taken from four different university labs from the tops. Of the pyramids and then the tempo slowed down yo reveal a language and voice I’ve heard the recordings from high pitch screeched to low Bass slower tempo please if any idea on the true pheno.enon this really is I have my on as well as the T…e society is in constant search of the past to help protect our present and hopefully the far we and myself and others wish to learn more of these past civilization witch are more than likely non indigenous to the nature in witch one and most conclude ….thank you for your time and please be openinded with what I’m adking and purposing in terms of the past three millinia we the ones who are not of here deserve answers of truth and not yp allow sites of this calloper to be tainted or mishandled by the world of ignorance greed or indigenous minds ..William Deming


    1. Hello William. Thank you for your comment. The water aspect is complicated and if I am going to write an article about the subject, I first need to study it even more. I recommend you to watch these videos:


      1. Alan researcher,
        To find out more about the pyramids, I had to go back in time to when the area was covered in a Sea called Pannonian.
        I found out that there had been volcanoes before the sea appeared.
        I took the five pyramids positions and place them over the map of the volcanoes and found that they nearly all matched up.
        The energy that was found coming out of the pyramids could be linked to the extinct iron core.
        The angle on the outside could be caused by the repose angle which would caused all the pyramids to look the same.
        Hope you find this of some help or someone has thought of it before me.


  2. Alan researcher,
    I have a theory that at the end of one of the Ice Ages that gravel pushed along with the glaciers came to a halt in Bosnia. The gravel and other fine muds got mixed I with the gravel and through temperature changes through the thousands of years baked into slabs.
    The conglomerate gravel taken out of the tunnels looks like glacier pebbles. I think the tunnels could lead to a tomb or tombs.
    The stone moulds for making tools look authentic.
    I am a Engineering Patternmaker to trade and have made patterns for very large to very small castings but these moulds have been cut out of the stone, no pattern was made first.


  3. Hey, this seems far fetched and contrived just to prove the pyramid stuff. It really doesnt even seem like science or archaeology. The Central American artifacts you posted seem pretty much unrelatable to the artifacts you posted that were found in Bosnia. I recently went to the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they have badass artifacts, and are legitimate. Why wouldn’t you donate or take donations to more pertinent issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, instead of continuing on this endeavor, at least at this point in time?


    1. When something is interesting in science, one should research it. We need to remember that, for example, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is circa 30 000 years. The oldest artefacts at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina are from the Butmir culture. Of course the artefacts of that period of time is different from other periods of time. The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was closed because lack of funding. It was finally opened because of donations, especially from the US. The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is a NGO, non-profit, foundation, which aims to research the Bosnian Pyramids, thus also promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina to the whole world, which is also good for the economy of the country. I recommend you to read the second part of the article, if you want:


  4. Thanks for your article. There seems to be a connection between the aquifers that were found under the Egyptian pyramids, and those found under the Bosnian pyramids. Tesla had an energy project he was building in the Colorado Rockies using an aquifer and the natural granite of the mountain to create an incredible amount of energy. The water and the stone have electrical conducting properties. Combine this with the natural lay lines of the Earth, and the magnetic field, and you have some powerful energy. I read your second article as well. I am reminded of the work of Marija Gimbutas the archaeologist. I read her book on the Goddess back in the 1980’s. The worship of the Goddess in Europe goes back at least 30,000 years. The early Bosnian writing found in the pyramids and Erdelji, Hungary is connected with Goddess worship according to Gimbutas. She discusses water birds, and how they were thought of as the connection between the Earth and the Heavens. The artifact that you picture with the chevrons is part of this ancient European religion. Chevrons going upward in a V pattern are a female representation. The chevrons going downward represent the male energy, Your artifact is significant as it shows the chevrons going both ways and connecting in the middle. Nice find! Notice that the Star of David is composed of one triangle going up and one going down. This has been interpreted as both male and female combined. The Goddess worshipers of Europe were peaceful people, who lived in the valleys. Unfortunately, they were conquered between 5,000 to 3,000 years ago by the mountain people, who invented knives to shear their sheep. Their Gods were male. They subjugated the Goddess or dismembered Her. It is part of mankind’s disassociation with the Earth. I believe these people were called the Dorians, and they became the Greeks. These may be the people who closed up the tunnels under the Bosnian pyramids. This transition from Goddess to Gods was world wide though. A great deal of evidence was lost at the end of the last Ice Age about 11,000 years ago. Many of these earlier cultures drowned, and those cities are 400 feet under water. It is amazing to find so much is still preserved from 12,000 years ago in the Bosnian pyramids. This was a time when the Earth’s magnetic field was much stronger. The Egyptians talk about the Age of Leo, which just ended recently. The Earth’s energy goes in cycles, and the ancients seemed to be able to predict these cycles. We are in a dark period now at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The Earth’s energy may begin to climb, but will take millennia to hit the peak again. If you think the energy inside of the Bosnian pyramids is amazing now, you should have seen it 12,000 years ago!


    1. The energy omitting from the top of the Pyramids could be from magma chambers that are under the pyramids.
      I carried out some research and found that the area in which the pyramids are located was very volcanic.
      The volcanoes sat in a sea called the Pannonian which covered a vast area.
      On the map of the Pannonian sea I found volcanoes that nearly matched the five volcanoes of Bosnia.
      Could this be the source of the energy?


    2. Moving water creates electrical energy. If you insert the two probes of a Voltmeter in a creek, one upcreek and one down, you will see an electrical potential. The pyramids use this energy in their operation. They also use the Earth’s vibration to compress the quartz in granite for the piezoelectric effect. The outer sheath stones of the Great pyramid were an insulator to keep the potential inside the structure.


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