Chasing Wikipedia – Chasing The Balance

The last time I tried to change the Bosnian pyramids Wikipedia was in December, and I made a big article on the situation and talked about everything that happened (Chasing Wikipedia – The Chase Continues). After I made that article, there has been some improvements on the English Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids. Some has added some pictures in the article, like the Bosnian Moon pyramid and other pictures of the Ravne tunnels, but under the pictures, they are using the old name of the structures in Visoko, like ”Pljesavica hill,” instead of ”Bosnian Moon pyramid.” There has also been added more links into the reference section, which are more recent, which is of course good.

Samo mali video 110.JPG
Bosnian Moon pyramid

The main problem, was that I discovered March 18, 2016, that the English article about the Bosnian pyramids was semi-protected until April 10, 2016. Which means that unregistered users can’t make any changes on the article or people that are registrered and are not more than four days registered and have at least ten edits on Wikipedia. It seemed strange to me that the article was semi-protected, mostly because of the subjectivity and old references. I asked the administrators, and some of them told me that there has been people that tried to edit the multiple times, but got rejected, and those people were unregistered useres. I checked all the edits that have been done recently on the Wikipedia article and saw that there has been multiple edits by four people, but almost all of them got rejected. The reason of why they semi-locked the article is fair, but that means that people most register first on the Wikipedia and then they can edit, which for me is a way that the administrators can control the article.

I made up a plan, and this time I would almost only focus on the English Wikipedia and try to make a balance on the article by adding some sentences and links to some articles on the internet. I decided to approach the situation in an diplomatic way, by discussing it with the administrators on Wikipedia. The discussion was mainly on this talk page: Talk page about the Bosnian pyramids

I pointed out that the article was subjective and gave examples that some links in the reference-section was irrelevant to the Bosnian pyramid article. Then I pointed out that I have given them archaeological reports and other articles, which they rejected last time. Almost immediately, they rejected those again and started to attack the project and those that are involved in them. One of them acted very unprofessional and is a clear example that the administrators on Wikipedia are knowly against the Bosnian pyramid project. He told me that all the archaeological reports are from idiots and charlatans. I responded to him and told him that he has disrespected the whole Bosnian pyramid community and all the researchers that has resarched the Bosnian pyramids.

The administrators are very interested in peer-reviews reports, which means that the articles or documents are reviewed by independent academic sources. Which in my opinion is fair enough, but I pointed out that they are using 39 references and all of them haven’t been peer-reviewed at all. I didn’t get any clear answer from the administrators, then I asked them, why they don’t use my the links to five different news-stations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia that support the Bosnian pyramid discovery and in my opinion it would balance some of the article. Again, I didn’t get any good answer from them of why they don’t use the articles I gave them, which can question their own agenda about the Bosnian pyramids. Not only that, but I gave them the picture of the Carbon datings that have been done in 2013, which proved that the Bosnian Sun pyramid is around 29 400 years old. They rejected that also.

The C-14 dating of the Bosnian Sun pyramids in 2013, proves that the pyramid is around 29 400 years old.Wikipedia administrators are rejecting this scientific papers.

After some time I got warnings from different administrators without any good explanation. I didn’t edit anything on the article or vandalize, I only discussed the situation with other administrators, which in my opinion is a bad reason to give me a warning for my discussion. Of course, every site has their own rules, but when the Wikipedia is supposed to be an encyclopedia, then in my opinion, no one must give you warnings for discussing topics about different stuff, without any personal attacks or vandalism.

Despite these warnings, I continued with the discussion. I made a new section on the talk page, where I suggested that there needs to be made a new section in the Wikipedia article about the Bosnian pyramids where the discoveries, archaeology, geology etc. are told, in an objective way. In a short time, five different administrators rejected my idea and called the whole project for pseudoarchaeology. Also they told me that the sources are good and that there are not sources that support the Bosnian pyramids. I gave them a list of names of all the different people that has been to the different conferences about the Bosnian pyramids in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, which shows that over 50 different people have been to the conferences and presented their opinions. I got rejected again and some of them told me that the experts, that are against the Bosnian pyramids, have made the statements that the pyramids in Bosnia are an hoax, and nothing can change that, before new evidence  or that the experts withdraw their opinions about the Bosnian pyramids.

Fifth International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian Pyramids (ICBP 2014) September 6, 2014 Press Conference great photo copy (1)
Fifht International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian pyramids (ISBP 2014). Wikipedia admnistrators reject the Bosnian pyramid conferences.

I find it a bit strange that those experts that they are talking about, made their statements on the Bosnian pyramids ten years ago, which means that those sources that they are having are indirectly outdated, becauce the knowledge and our science is updated every month and every, because of new evidence. Excactly with the Bosnian pyramids. We are now in 2016, over ten years into the project, and a lot of evidence are pointing that the Bosnian pyramids are real, but still the Wikipedia administrators wont update anything because those experts made their statements ten years ago, which is unfair in my opinion.

Later I saw that the administrators were discussing my discussion on some other administrator’s page (Administrator’s page) . The reason was that one of the administrators wanted to give sanctions to me. On the same page, one of them stateted, called Rexxs, that I was recruting people via facebook and my other sites and he refered my discussion to ‘’them.’’ Which means that some of them think that I was ordered by someone to change the Bosnian pyramid Wikipedia, which is not true at all. When I found out that they were discussing this, I rejected all the claims, which means that some of them are lying to try to ban me from Wikipedia.

I also discussed a Turkish article that was against the Bosnian pyramids, which they apparantely removed after my discussion with them. If they are looking for peer-reviewed articles, then why are they using that Turkish article and they don’t accept the articles I gave them in December? This could mean that they, indirectly, do not support the Bosnian pyramid project.

Since there are not any information about the energy investigations that have happened in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, I suggested to add some senteces about the energy investigations and I gave them a document from SBRG (SB Resarch group), which is a multidisciplinary university project that aims to study from 2010 the architecture, geometry, shape and materials of ancient structures in Europe as well as the development of knowledge from the viewpoint of anthropological and historical discoveries made in this context. (SBRG Website) They also collaborate with the University of Trieste (Italy) and some institutes.

I gave them an article (Energy phenomenon on the Bosnian pyramids) by Hrvoje Zujic. Mr. Zujic has a master degree of electrical engineering from the University of Zagreb (Croatia). The article explains the energy phenomenon on the Bosnian pyramids in a good way and I posted it in talk page of the Bosnian pyramid Wikipedia article. Again, they rejected the whole article and one of them wanted peer-reviewed journals. I pointed out, again, that almost all of their references were not peer-reviewed either.

The Wikipedia administrators were very negative to the energy phenomenon and compared it with ghost-huntings etc. They also told me that the energy phenomenon don’t prove that the Bosnian pyramids were artificial and indirectly told me that the energy phenomenon is natural. Then I told them that when there has been, not one, but more than five researchers that has measured the energy in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, with their own artifical instruments and almost everyone concluded the same, then it needs to be included in the article, because an encyclopedia should balance the different views and not slam the whole project. They also rejected SBRG, because they weren’t independent, which for me is strange, because the group consist with a number of independent researchers. Again, the Wikipedia administrators are attacking those that support the Bosnian pyramids.

maxresdefault (2)
Energy investigations on the Bosnian Moon pyramid. The Wikipedia administrators are also rejecting the energy investigation in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

Later the same day, after discussing the energy phenomenon, I got indirecty banned by an administrator named Bishonen, which means that I am not allowed to discuss the Bosnian pyramids topic anywhere on Wikipedia for three months. The reason: Discussing the article. In my opinion I have every right to discuss the Wikipedia article about the Bosnian pyramids because I didn’t break any rules, and because I am not the one that has used personal attacks in discussions like other administrators have. Not only that, but they indirectly ‘’locked’’ the sections we were discussing in.

Since I was indirectly banned, I didn’t want to discuss the Wikipedia article any further for now, because the situation could get worse and then I can’t get anything done, luckily there has been some inprovements on the article, but the article is still very subjective, mostly because the administrators are also against to this project, which means that the article would be subjective.

While the article about the Bosnian pyramids on the English Wikipedia is subjective, there has been progress on other Wikipedia sites about the Bosnian pyramids. The Norwegian article is still relatively the same after my last chase to change it to something more objective, which I did. The Croatian article are also relatively objective, because they don’t slam the project like the English Wikipedia does, because the Croatian article doesn’t use ‘’claims,’’ but theories, which is of course great progress. The Norwegian article about Dr. Osmanagich is also the same as it was before. The most subjective Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids and Dr. Osmanagich, right now, is the English one. The other Wikipedias have a better balance between the supporterts and none-supporters.

The Wikipedia article about the Bosnian pyramids is still subjective.

In my opinion, these discussions I have had with the different administrators, proves that they are taking sides with those that are against the Bosnian pyramid project. If they are using links that are against the pyramids in Bosnia, then they should also use links that are supporting the pyramids, which would balance the Wikipedia article. Also, the Wikipedia administrators should not call people idiots and come with personal attacks. That is very unprofessional from the administrators that should be objective on an encyclopedia. Although I got banned from discussing the Bosnian pyramids on Wikipedia, we now know where the administrators stand and I believe that things will change in the future, when more evidence, like archaeological and geological reports, show up. All we can do for now is to wait and try to change the articles on the Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids to something more objective on all languanges. We need to do so one step at a time.

My name is Djani Behram. I am the ambassador and videographer of the Archeaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I was volunteer in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and I have good knowlegde and experience about the Bosnian pyramids. I own the biggest Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagich page on facebook. The page is posting news and pictures almost every day. I own a youtube channel called TheBIHLover with new videos almost every Wednesday. If you have any questions please ask me on email:

My facebook page:

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Bosnian pyramids official website:


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