Interview With Dr. Semir Osmanagich

Interview with Dr. Semir Osmanagich, February 2016.

1. First of all, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. You are the discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina and you established the non-profit and non-governmental ‘’Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun ” Foundation. You are a professor at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You are also a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. You also hold a PhD in the Mayan civilization, which you got from the University in Sarajevo. Not only that, but you are the first honoree of the Amelia B. Edwards Award for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge of pyramids around the world”. How did you discover the pyramids in Visoko and how did this journey begin?

In April 2005 I first traveled to the town of Visoko, 20 miles northwest from Sarajevo,capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. My attention was caught by two regularly shaped hills, which I later named the Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. For thousands of years locals have considered those hills to be natural phenomenon because they were covered by one meter of soil and vegetation. However, when I first saw their triangular faces, obvious corners and orientation toward the cardinal points (East-West, North-South), I knew that they had to be constructed by an intelligent hands. Since I had been investigating pyramids for decades I knew that the pyramids found in China, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador presented the same case of pyramids covered by dirt and vegetation.

In 2005 work begun on this project and I paid construction companies and geologists to do the core drilling and geo-morphological analysis. I then announced to the world, at the press conference in Sarajevo in October 2005, that the first pyramids in Europe had been discovered. Shortly thereafter I established the non-profit “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation and since that time the pyramid investigations in Bosnia have become the world’s largest inter-disciplinary scientific project in area of archaeology.

2. This project is now over ten years old. What discoveries have you made these years and what is their significance?

We have spent over 360.000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing and radiocarbon dating in the period 2005 – 2015. We’ve determined that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids consists of five pyramidal structures discovered to date which I named: The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love. The site also includes a tumulus complex and a huge underground labyrinth.

Map showing the structures in Visoko.

In a case of Bosnian pyramids we can witness that superior builders knew how to manipulate with the huge quantities of materials. This discovery is historic and changes the knowledge of the early history of Europe for several reasons:

– These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe.

– The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.

– The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions for materials in Bosnia, Italy, Czech and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.

– The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agro-pedology from Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), approx. 12.000-15.000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the organic material (fossilized leaf) discovered on the top of concrete blocks on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in summer 2012 and performed by lab in Kiev, Ukraine confirmed the age of 24.800 years +/- 200 years. Finally, two more fossilized leaves were discovered between two layers of concrete blocks with the age of 29.200 years +/- 400 years. This is radiocarbon date and calibrated date is 34.000 years according to dr. Paul LaViolette ( These findings confirm that the Bosnian Pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.

– Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.

– Mega ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of several tons which make them the largest found so far in the ancient world.

– Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnels.

– Mega ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of several tons which make them the largest found so far in the ancient world.

In addition to these facts, three main pyramids in Visoko (Sun, Moon, Dragon) form a perfect equilateral triangle with the distance between their tops of 2.180 meters. Inside this triangle, there is another one: tops of the Love pyramid, Temple of Mother Earth and river Fojnica. Triangle within the triangle – sacred geometry!

3. What kind of material was used to build the pyramids in Visoko?

Always natural materials were used to build pyramid complex in Visoko. Ancient builders knew the properties of the natural construction material. So, when they built the concrete blocks on the Sun pyramid they used available pebbles, sand, water adding clay as a binder.

Blocks on the Bosnian Sun Pyramid.

4. The Bosnian pyramids has been very popular for their energy, could you please explain this energy and how does the energy effect people?

Four independent teams of energy experts from Croatia, Serbia, Italy and Finland have confirmed an existence of electromagnetic field, radius of 4.5 meters, frequency of 28 kHz, strength of 3.9 V, coming from the pyramid through the center of very top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

For the first time such an energy beam has been detected and measured in any pyramid site in the world. Soon after, we detected a beam of ultrasound 5-15 meters wide coming through the top of the pyramid in the range of 28-33 kHz. These frequencies are not found randomly in nature. It takes machine to generate them. Ultrasound of this frequency is ideal for levitation process according to the research of American Ralph Ring. Therefore, we’ve concluded that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is actually a huge energy machine. We’ve measured nearby natural hills in Visoko and natural pyramidal hills in Italy, but no regularity, no anomalies, no regular ultrasound or electromagnetic fields.

With our Russian colleagues Dr. Oleg Khavroshkin and Dr. Vladislav Tzyplakov from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences we’ve measured strength of the signal at the bottom and on the top of Egyptian and Bosnian pyramids. Results have shown that the strength of the signal at the top is 50 times stronger. Therefore, pyramids act as huge energy amplifiers.

Serbian electrical engineer Goran Samoukovic detected in April 2013 frequency of 7.83 Hz (”Schuman Resonance”) all over the pyramid and underground tunnels proving that pyramid complex guards most beneficial resonance for human physical, mental and spiritual advancement. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working. Outside the Bosnian Pyramid complex, Planetary resonance is much higher and un-healthier.

So, this project not only change the history, but has a potential to change our future for better.

5. What is the connection of the underground tunnels with the pyramid?

Under every original old pyramid (Shaanxi in China, Giza and Saqqara in Egypt, Teotihuacan and Palenque in Mexico) underground tunnels were built as a part of construction. Same goes for the Bosnian Pyramids.

Network of tens of kilometers in pre-historic underground tunnels, intersections and chambers are located under the pyramid valley. Our Scientific Conference on Bosnian Pyramids held in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 have concluded that tunnel complex is pre-historical ingenious construction where electromagnetic fields with high concentration of negative ions have been present (

Finish sound engineer Heikki Savolainen has measured the same electromagnetic field and same frequency of the ultrasound in the tunnels and on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun confirming that they are part of the same complex.

6. What do you think the purposes are for the Bosnian pyramids?

The most significant discovery in the last ten years has been the true purpose of pyramids. They are not built as “royal tombs”, “places for rituals” or “human sacrifice”. Bosnian Pyramid complex is built as an energy device for rejuvenation, regeneration, improvement of the air, water and food molecular structure. Also, pyramid was very powerful communication device.

7. Are the pyramids in Visoko similar to other pyramids around the world and how?

My classification of the world pyramids is different than what establishment claims. For me, there are the oldest pyramids who are the biggest and most superior (Egpt, China, Mexico, Bosnia). They are built form superior materials, Those that came later are just inferior replicas.

Original and oldest pyramids have common elements: geometry, local construction material, side orientation (mostly to the cardinal points), inner passageways, underground tunnels, sacred geometry, astronomical features, water flows, energy potent places. Result of all these elements is pyramid as an energy machin, energy amplifier.

8. There are a lot of sceptics when it comes to the Bosnian pyramids, including Irna France, an anonymous blogger that is writing against the project and dr. Robert Schoch that stated that the project is a hoax. What is your opinion about this and why do you think that so many people are against this project?

We’ve had opponents and difficulties since we started the excavation project. Cultural establishment of Bosnia, but also Europe, US and Egypt have been doing everything to stop the excavation, writing petitions to Bosnian Governments, trying to discredit us on internet sites.

However, truth has been prevailing. What they have are the opinions, such as “it’s impossible to have pyramids in Bosnia”, but they’ve never come with a single test, analysis or dating. So, their opinions are irrelevant. Science needs scientific arguments. It’s true that some archaeologists in Egypt, Mexico, Germany or USA do not understand us today and try to laugh at us. However, fifty years from now, people will be laughing at our mainstream scientists today and their lack of knowledge.

9. Do you get any support from the state and how do you finance the project?

There have been no financial support from any Government level in Bosnia in the last five years, whatsoever. “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation has been self-financing all its activities. During the summer we cover our expenses through the tourism activities (donation tickets, sale of books and souvenirs, grand tour and conferences). Winter time has no tourists so I finance the expenses myself.

10. What effect will this discovery have for our history?

Almost everything they teach us about ancient history is wrong: origin of man, civilizations and pyramids. Our development is not linear but cyclical. Civilizations reach their peaks and global catastrophes wipe them out from the face of the Planet. New beginning follows. We live only in the last civilizational cycle. Original pyramids (Giza, biggest Shaanxi in China, Teotihuacan, Bosnia) were used as huge energy machines: they were emitting electromagnetic fields, creating ultrasound and more energy phenomena. Most probably they were receivers, as well. Communications between the continents existed tens of thousands of years ago.

11. Recently, the foundation has discovered a new section at the Ravne tunnels. This section is under the Ravne tunnels, which you discovered in 2006. This entrance is called ‘’Ravne 2.’’ How did you find this tunnel and what are your plans for it?

Twenty meters under the first level of underground tunnels, we discovered the entrance to the potential second level of tunnel complex. This discovery took place in September 2015. During the winter 2015/2016 we have been working on the access road to the tunnel and preliminary excavation. This discovery is adding another aspect to the Bosnian underground complex: vertical, beside the horizontal labyrinth. We will be clearing this tunnel from now on.

The entrance to ”Ravne 2.”

12. There has been a lot of people that has tried to change the Bosnian pyramid Wikipedia to be more objective towards the Bosnian pyramid project. Some of them even has written blogs about their experiences with Wikipedia. What is your opinion about the situation?

Wikipedia is another tool in the hands of elites. About ten percent of the most important entriesare fully controlled so the public can be manipulated.

13. Could you please tell us about the volunteering-program?

Bosnian Pyramid project is the most open large archaeological project in the world, no secrets, no hidden information. Non-professionals and professionals are welcome. We’ve had 2.250 volunteers from 62 countries and six continents only in a period 2010-2015. This year we offer two programs: “Expeditions to the Bosnian Pyramids with Volunteering” that lasts 11 days where everything is organized (accommodation, transportation, meals, excursions, etc.), and volunteering only where people take care themselves about the accommodation and transportation and simply show up at 9:00 am at the archaeological site. More:

Volunteers working on the Bosnian Sun Pyramid.

14. There are many people around the world that promote the Bosnian pyramids by presentations, social medias, websites etc. What do you think about this?

I’m extremely proud to all of those who vibrate at the same frequency as Bosnian Pyramid project and promote it throughout the world. We can fight those who boycott us with truth and sincerity.

15. What are your future plans and what are your goals for this project?

This project is not just another local archaeological discovery. We will change the global consciousness, we will help people understand the need for harmony between us and nature, develop spiritual senses, stay open for different views of the past, learn from more developed civilizations of the past. We have a lot of archaeological and scientific work that’s making this project the most exciting in the field.

16. How can people visit the Bosnian pyramids?

All sites are open 12 months a year. Our official guides are at the site waiting for the guests.

Thank you for your answers, Dr. Osmanagich.

Dr. Osmanagich’s official website:

Bosnian Pyramids official website:

Interview by Djani Behram, ambassador of Dr. Osmanagich’s foundation.



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