Chasing Wikipedia – The Chase Continues

December 8, I decided to make a new attempt to change both the Norwegian Wikipedia and the English Wikipedia. This time I had hope that I could change something on one or the other Wikipedia. Last time I tried to change the Norwegian Wikipedia and the English Wikipedia, was in January 2015. I changed the Norwegian Wikipedia a little bit, but the administrators kept deleting the things I added. However, I was a little bit succesfull because the article was changed to a more objective view of the Bosnian pyramids. I tried to do the same things on the English Wikipedia, but the administrators kept deleting every time I changed something. If you want to know more about my attempt when I tried to change the Wikipedia in January 2015, please click here: Chasing Wikipedia

It has been over ten months since I have tried to change the Norwegian Wikipedia and the English Wikipedia. The reason I haven’t tried to change it is because I wanted to wait for more reports, videos, articles etc. about the Bosnian pyramids. I finally got everything I needed and I planned a strategy to change the articles on the English and Norwegian Wikipedia.

The Bosnian Sun pyramid.

I started with the Norwegian Wikipedia and my plan was to change the ‘’pseudoarchaeology’’ to something more objective, because in the last 10 years this project has been called pseudoarchaeology, and in my personal opinion it is wrong to call it that way. The reasons are because the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundation has used thousands of hours of resarch and there are too many people involved in the project for example volunteers, independent researchers, scientists etc. And that is not all, there are tens of reports, data-gatherings and hundreds of videos on Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook etc. about the Bosnian pyramids. If we look at what pseudoarchaeology means from the Wikipedia, we get:

‘’Refers to interpretations of the past from outside of the archaeological science community, which reject the accepted datagathering and analytical methods of the discipline.’’

As you see, it does not fit the Bosnian pyramid project at all.

Since 2010, there has been over 2000 volunteers that have worked on the Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

I started to change the Norwegian Wikipedia (Bosniske pyramider) by putting what the Archaeological Park has found in the last years and what researchers like Paul LaViolette, Valery Uvarov and Michael Tellinger has said recently about the Bosnian pyramids. I even putted the report from Paul LaViolette from 2014 as a source. I knew that it would be deleted soon, but I wanted to test the Wikipedia administrators if they would delete everything or just something. In some minutes, everything was deleted. I tried again, but almost everything got deleted again. I updated the article about the Bosnian pyramids like adding that the Bosnian Sun pyramid is 220 meters, instead of 213 meters. Some of the things I updated stayed, which was a great result. Then I started with my push to delete pseudoarchaeology from the Norwegian Wikipedia article and put a more objective sentence. You guessed it, it got deleted, but finally one administrator instead of editing back the word ‘’pseudoarchaeology,” it got replaced by hypothesis. This is an amazing result for the Norwegian Wikipedia and it is a step in the right direction. I immediately stopped with my editing, because I wanted to wait and see what would happen with the article now. As I waited, I saw that there was not article about Dr. Semir Osmanagich on the Norwegian Wikipedia. Then I started writing a whole article about Dr. Semir Osmanagich (Semir Osmanagic). I added Dr. Osmanagich’s biography, bibliography etc. After an hour I realised the article and I was proud of it. I was excited and I wondered if the article would stay. And it really stayed, and not only that, but it is now the official article about Dr. Osmanagich on the Norwegian Wikipedia, which is a big step in the right direction.

The Norwegian article about Semir Osmanagich is now the official article on Wikipedia.

I did not give up the Norwegian Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids, I wanted to give a more diplomatic approach to the article. I started a discussion in the Talk sections (Diskusjon:Bosniske pyramider) where I wrote that the article is better now, but I suggested that the article could be better and more objective by adding for example carbon datings that the Archaeological Park did in the last years etc. But there has been no answers yet.

After some time I moved to the English Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids (Bosnian pyramid claims). The article states that the project is ‘’pseudoarchaeology,’’ that the Bosnian pyramids are a cluster of hills, and not only that but the article is named ‘’Bosnian pyramid claim,’’ which in my opinion is not objective at all and is a direct attack on Dr. Osmanagich and the whole project. The weird thing about the article, is that the article is very outdated and it almost ignores what have happened in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids in recent years. Not only that but the sources are from 2005 to 2007. The article does not state anything about the five scientific conferences the Archaeological Park has hosted in the last years and it does not have any reports from recent years, like archaeological and geological reports from 2012 to 2015.

Fifth International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian Pyramids (ICBP 2014) September 6, 2014 Press Conference great photo copy
Fifth International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian Pyramids (ICBP 2014) September 6, 2014

I started with the same strategy, but this time I only wanted to delete ‘’pseudoarchaeology’’ from the article. I tried three times and it got deleted by three different administrators and editors on the site. I knew I needed to approach this different, so I chose the diplomatic way. I made a discussion in the Talk section in Wikipedia and the title was, ‘’Lack of objectivity in this article.’’ (Talk:Bosnian pyramid claims) Surprisingly I got a lot of answers from different administrators and editors. All of them wrote that the article is objective enough and one of them even stated that the Wikipedia reflects on balance of reliable sources, which is weird, because the Wikipedia article is using a blog as source (The Blog that Wikipedia uses as a reference) and they are using sites from someone that is writing anonymously against the project, like Irna’s site (Irna’s Website). Not only that, but they are using a site called ”Sub Rosa,” where the site states: Where science and magic, myth and history meet (Sub Rosa Website), as a reference, which in my opinion is absurd. Why do the Wikipedia administrators reject scientific reports from the Bosnian valley of the pyramids, but has this site as a reference to the Bosnian pyramids article?  When I asked the administrators why they use blogs as references, they claimed that the person that are writing the blogs is a realible source and the reason why they use Irna’s site is because it is accepted by some researchers in a book called ‘’The New Archaeology.’’ I thought this was very weird because why would an encyclopedia have references to blogs, no matter who makes them, and why would an encyclopedia have sources to anonymous people. How can someone trust what those anonymous people write, and what is Irna’s academic background for attacking the Bosnian pyramids with nomerous articles.

I gave the administrators all the archaeological reports from 2012, 2013 and 2014. I also gave the video which contains the interview with Anela Preljevic, the archaeologist on Bosnian pyramid site in 2015. They rejected all of them, and the reasons behind it was because it came from the website of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundation. I thought that is was really unfair, that they  canuse blogs and articles from anonymous people like references, but they can’t use the archaeological and geological reports about the Bosnian pyramids. One of the administrators said that it needed to be a peer-review article, which is fair enough, but again, why do they use blogs like a reference, it does not make any sense. In my opinion all of the archaeological and geological reports that are made in 2012, 2013 and 2014 should have been placed as sources to have an updated and objective article, so we can get a larger picture of what is really going on in Visoko.

Wiki Ban

Later one guy, called Psyanide, which has been spamming my youtube channel called TheBIHLover, by posting ten comments with the same contenct on ten different videos in 30 seconds, where the person states that the Bosnian pyramids are a hoax. I blocked the person, because I do not allow spam on my channel. You know what, he found me discussing on the Wikipedia article and his claim was that I was paid by the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundation to edit the Bosnian pyramids Wikipedia. He even attacked my channel by saying that I promote non-factual videos and misinformation. I rejected his claim and stated that I am not payed by anyone and that I am just doing it like a hobby. He even attacked Dr. Osmanagich and the foundation later by claiming that Dr. Osmangich misleads people and that the foundation are writing bad articles. I wrote that I have nothing else to say to him/her, because clearly he hasn’t been updated on the project for a long time and that the person behind Psyanide is sharing misformation about the project, Dr. Osmanagich and myself.

Later an administrator made two sections about my suggestions about the Wikipedia article. Suggestion one was about deleting the word ‘’pseudoarchaeology’’ and ‘’claim’’ from the article and I wrote that it would be better if the article stated that there is a debate between researchers if the pyramids are real or not. The suggestion got rejected by administrators and other editors almost immediately.

The second suggestion was to place different sources that are written in 2014 and 2015 about the Bosnian pyramids. I gave links to articles like Ancient-Origines, Yahoo, DailyStar etc. All of the articles I linked got rejected, but they stated that the Yahoo-article was OK, however nothing has been changed and they did not place the Yahoo article as a reference in the Bosnian pyramid Wikipedia article. The discussion went on that the articles were not realible. I even linked the article that Paul LaViolette made last year about the Bosnian pyramids (Paul LaViolette about the Bosnian pyramids), and one guy attacked Paul LaViolette by stating that he used to be a good scienticst, but he got worse. They even rejected the article by Paul LaViolette, and not only that, they attacked him too.

Wikipedia administrators reject Paul LaViolette as a scientist and reject his article about the Bosnian pyramids. Picture taken on the Bosnian pyramid conference in 2014.

Since I saw that some sources from the Wikipedia article was on Bosnian and Croatian, I linked to five different articles, from five different stations, three in Bosnian and two in Croatian. Some articles came from, the biggest Bosnian newspaper, one of the biggest stations in Croatia etc. The only answer I got about the articles was from Psyanide, where the person states that the articles were not good for the article. Which in my opinion is a bad argument, because I gave five different articles from one of the biggest stations in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Later I waited over two days for some answer from any of administrators or editors, and no one answered.

To be honest, I get irritated by some of the ignorance of the Wikipedia administrators and editors have when it comes to the Bosnian pyramids. I am sure that if I gave them an article that attacks the Bosnian pyramids, they would have been placing it in the Wikipedia article with almost no discussion, but when someone gives them an article that supports the pyramids in an objective way, they reject it.


I am not the only one that has tried to change the English Wikipedia about the Bosnian pyramids, there has been a lot of people before me, and it shows on the ‘’View History’’ page on the English Bosnian pyramid Wikipedia. Every edit that they made, it got deleted. Some of my sources that I have talked to, even told me that the administrators where behaving very bad and very unprofessional, which in my opinion should not be happening. Since we all want a objective and good article. I have experienced it myself, because they were attacking the whole Bosnian pyramid project in a very bad way.

However, when it comes to the Norwegian Wikipedia, I think we have made it, because the Wikipedia is more objective and much better than before. Dr. Osmanagich even has his own article on the Norwegian wikipedia. I have even made it on the Bosnian Wikipedia (Bosanske Piramide), by deleting the ‘’pseudoarchaeology’’ from the summary of the article, which is very good. Now I don’t know how long it will stay that way, but I hope it will stay forever. Archaeology is a very slow process and it takes a lot of years to uncover so many pyramids and so many tunnels, and in the future, I believe, it will be better on the Wikipedia articles in all languages.

I will keep watching the Bosnian pyramids Wikipedia articles on Norwegian and English  and we shall see if we can change something more on the articles later on. My goals have been made on the Norwegian Wikipedia article and I am satisfied with it, because we need to remember that a small step in the right direction is very important, and we also need to rememeber that great things could start because of that little step.

My name is Djani Behram. I am the ambassador and videographer of the Archeaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I was volunteer in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and I have good knowlegde and experience about the Bosnian pyramids. I own the biggest Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagich page on facebook. The page is posting news and pictures almost every day. I own a youtube channel called TheBIHLover with new videos almost every Wednesday. My dream is to become a teacher in history and an archaelogist. If you have any questions please ask me on email:

My facebook page:

My youtube channel:

Bosnian pyramids official website:



9 thoughts on “Chasing Wikipedia – The Chase Continues”

  1. I tried the very same thing — was told Sam’s degree is wrong, Paul La Violette is not well respected with presidential and nasa letters, etc basically shocking rudeness and btw — Sub Rosa is a propaganda artist, not a factual blog. It doesnt change the pyramids tho — excellent example of censorship in action biased towards the vatican. (pyramids embarass bible timeline).


  2. Wikipedia is not about the truth, it is about the “right truth” being told.

    I’m sorry for your work done. Better keep on blogging…


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