Explaining The Bosnian Sun Pyramid

In 2005, Dr. Semir Osmanagich discovered that the hill Visocica in Visoko Bosnia and Herzegovina was an artificial hill, which he named the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Later he found out by satellite radar and georadar that there are more pyramids in Visoko. Which he named Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of Love, the Pyramid of the Dragon, and the Temple of Mother Earth. The Bosnian Sun pyramid match the cardinal points, east, west, north and south.

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Dr. Semir Osmanagich

The Sun pyramids stand amazingly over 220 meters, ⅓ taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt which is 147 meters. The Sun pyramid is 29 400 years old, this was proven after finding a fossilized leaf (Carbon-14) between two blocks.

Dr. Semir started a foundation named Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which he has been running for ten years, now.

Dr. Osmanagich finally got permission to dig on the pyramid— mainly on the Pyramid of the Sun, but later also on the Pyramid of the Moon. After 70 centimeters of dirt and clay, the workers found blocks. The Foundation decided to check if the blocks were natural or artificial, sending them to six institutes for materials. After some weeks, the results were in. The blocks on the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon were artificial: man-made. The concrete on the Pyramid of the Sun is geopolymer concrete. The concrete was also tested for how strong it was. When the test came back, it was proved that it was the strongest concrete in the world with 133 megapascals of preassure, over two times stronger than the concrete today which is 60 megapascals.

Some of the blocks that was discovered when the excavations started in 2005.

When the foundation kept finding concrete and proving that there were pyramids then the archaelogist stroke. The archaelogical community signed a petition against Dr. Semir and the foundation stating that the pyramids were a ‘’cruel hoax’’. The funny thing is that the majority of these archaeologists didn’t even visit the pyramids or study the data on the subject. Also their opinion was that Dr. Semir was destroying the artifacts of the Royal City of Visoki (a small castle on top of the Pyramid of the Sun). The Foundation never dug on the top of the pyramid where the Royal City of Visoki was, but the government extended the protection of the Royal City from 1% to 70% because of the castle ruins. The Foundation did not have any choice and had to stop digging on the pyramid. Now in 2015, 70% of the Sun pyramid is controlled by the government and 30% is private. This is of course a big problem for the Foundation. But the foundation is allowed to dig on land which is non private and non govermental.

Carla 015 - Kopi - Kopi (2)
The Sun Pyramid Northern side.

The blocks on the pyramid of the Sun are different on all the sondas. Sometimes the blocks are going horizontal or vertical, we are going to look at the blocks on the eastern and western side of the pyramid because these are the sides where the foundation and the volunteers has dug the most. One specific sonda shows clearly blocks with 90 degrees whit perfectly shaped sides.

Perfectly shaped blocks with 90 degrees.

As you can see the perfect block one on top of each other, but you see around and you can see blocks all over the place. This is because the land on the Sun pyramid was cheap, because it is not flat where you can grow like vegetabeles and so on. So the locals that owned the land on Visocica (Sun Pyramid) dug some centimeters and brought explosives and blew the blocks because they needed materials for their houses. Of course this was before the pyramids were discovered. Thanks to the foundation, the people can’t do this anymore.

One of the sondas that was destroyed.

We have blocks that are going horizontal, these blocks go under and over each other, this is for structural stabilty. In case of a eachtquake the structure will not collapse and that it is really wise what the ancient did.

The horizontal blocks
The horizontal blocks.

So your question is, how on earth did they get so much material for their blocks? Well, the hypothesis that Dr. Semir suggest is that they got all the material for the concrete when they dug the Ravne tunnels which are 2,5 km from the Sun pyramid. The material was later used for the pyramid. The binding material was clay, which they got from nearby hills in the area. They heated the concrete for 500 degrees, shaped the blocks and putted it on the pyramid.

The tunnel Ravne material
Tunnel Ravne material (Picture by Jock Doubleday)
The material on the blocks, mixed with binding material
The material on the blocks, mixed with binding material. (Picture by Jock Doubleday)

So let us look at the eastern side of the pyramid. The eastern side is different from the northern side because it has been many landslides at that side for many years.

Eastern side of the Sun pyramid.
Eastern side of the Sun pyramid.

The area where the foundation started excavating was almost on the side of the north and eastern side. When the volunteers started excavating in 2011 they found blocks. On this sonda the blocks go like ‘’steps’’, with small blocks and much smaller than the blocks on the Northern side. Of course, this sonda needs more excavation and only time will show what is really bellow the soil.

Some of the blocks on the eastern side.
Some of the blocks on the eastern side.

So the last sonda on the eastern side which I’m going to tell about is ‘’Crevena Zemlja’’. ‘’Crvena Zemlja’’ in Bosnian means ‘’Red Soil’’, because of the reddish soil on that area. The sonda is located almost in the middle on the eastern side of the Sun pyramid. This area was excavated in 2012 by volunteers. This was a difficult terrain for the volunteers because it is suggested in the 2012 report by Dr. Brett (previous archaeologist on the site) that it was a major landslide. On this sonda you can see much bigger blocks than the sonda that was excavated in 2011. But this sonda just confirmes that the whole pyramid is covered with concrete.

Sonda ''Crvena Zemlja'' (Picture by Bob Amsterdam)
Sonda ”Crvena Zemlja” (Picture by Bob Amsterdam)
You can clearly see the shaped blocks.
The collapsed concrete.
The collapsed concrete.

On the western side and the southern side there has not been so much excavations going on because of the protection by the government. But we can look at the sides of the southern and western side of the pyramid.

Southern side of the Sun pyramid.
Southern side of the Sun pyramid.

On the southern side it does not look like a pyramid that much. There are different opionions of what happened or why the side looks like that. The first opinion is that there has been a major landslide of the pyramid because some people suggest that there was a river going between the Sun pyramid and Love pyramid and that could made the landslide. The second opinion is that the southern side was destroyed because the locals needed material for their houses. The third opinion is that the southern side is made like that and that the pyramid is triangular with three sides and not four. Writer Jock Doubleday explored the blocks in the middle of the Love and Sun pyramid and it looks like the pyramids was connected at the first place. I will let you decide which opinion is the right one or you can make your own opinion.

Western side of the Sun pyramid with the Royal city of Visoki on the top.
Western side of the Sun pyramid with the Royal city of Visoki on the top.

The western side is a little special, it has a access plateau going to the top of the Sun pyramid. From the access plataeu the pyramid looks smaller, but when you get to the top of the Sun pyramid you can just see how amazing the view is. You have the whole view of the city and the valley from the top of the Sun pyramid.

You look to north, you can see the city. You look to the east, you see the Moon pyramid and the Sun pyramid that is shadowing the Moon pyramid. Look to the south and you can see the Dragon Pyramid, Ginje Tumulus, Temple of Mother Earth and Love pyramid. Look to the west you see the sunset and you see the whole access plateau.

Amazing Visoko city.
Amazing Visoko city, looking to the north.
Bosnian Moon pyramid, looking to the east.
Bosnian Moon pyramid, looking to the east.
Access plateau of the Sun pyramid, looking to the west.
Access plateau of the Sun pyramid, looking to the west.
Bosnian Love pyramid and Temple of Mother Earth, looking to the south.
Bosnian Love pyramid and Temple of Mother Earth, looking to the south.
Sun pyramid shadowing the Moon pyramid.
Sun pyramid shadowing the Moon pyramid.
Beautiful and powerful sunset. Photo taken on top of the Sun pyramid.
Beautiful and powerful sunset. Photo taken on top of the Sun pyramid. Looking to the west.

It is suggested that the peak on top of the Sun pyramid is missing. This is normal, because many pyramids like in Mexico, Egypt, China and so on the peak is missing. Mainly because the peak was of gold so the people that lived after the ancients could have removed it. So you are maybe asking why the ancient used gold on top of the Bosnian Sun pyramid and other pyramids? It is suggested that it was for the energetic purposes. Gold is a metall and the metall can give more and stronger energy. The second suggestion is that the golden peak was there because the ancients wanted the people from the region could see the golden peak, which can be a symbol of power. Imagine how amazing the golden peak would have been if the peak on all of the pyramids in the entire earth wasn’t removed.

Because the foundation is not allowed to dig on the Sun pyramid, they got help from electrical engineers and physicists to see if there are some energetic purposes on the pyramid of the Sun. The electrical engineers came from Croatia, Italy, Finland and Serbia to test if there are some energy on the Sun pyramid. Mr. Slobodan Mizdrak from Zagreb Croatia has detected and measured an electromagnetic beam which goes trough the tip of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. He discovered that the beam has the radius of 4.5 meters and frequency of 28 kHz at intervalf of 4.2 kHz.

The radiation measured outside of the 4.5 meter radius is minimal, radiatian measured inside the beam on the top of the pyramid is 1.9 Volt. When measurements are taken 3 meters above the top of the pyramid, the intesity increases to 3.9 Volt. The measured beam is continous and icreases in strenght as it moves up and away from the top of the pyramid. This is of course ilogical because if you are closer to the source the signal is getting stronger, if you take the away the signal is stronger. But here in Visoko it is up side down. One of the hypothesis is that there need to be a point A and B, somewhere in the universe. Maybe the beam of the Sun pyramid is a communication device or some connection between the Earth and some other planets. We need more resarch about this.

Under the Sun pyramid there are crossing waters that is also giving some kind of energy. Over 300 meters under the pyramid is a big metal plate, we don’t know if it is artificial or natural, but we do know that this creates some kind of energy. This is logical because metal creates stronger energy like we discussed about the golden peak that was on the top of the Sun Pyramid.

Like Dr. Semir says:

The Sun pyramid was never for the beauty, but the energetic purposes giving free energy to everyone.


Beam coming from the Sun pyramid.
Beam coming out of the Sun pyramid.
Energy inside the Sun pyramid.
Energy inside the Sun pyramid.

One of the hypothesis of Dr. Semir when he discovered the pyramids was that the Sun pyramid had tunnels underneath the Sun pyramid. In 2011 Klaus Dona and his friend brought a satellite to the Bosnian Sun pyramid and scanned the Sun pyramid for tunnels. On the International Conference 2011, Klaus Dona presented his results confirming that there are tunnels under the pyramid. Some of the tunnels even have bones. Yet again the hypothesis by Dr. Semir was proved.

Tunnels under the Sun pyramid.
Tunnels under the Sun pyramid.

Many people ask how is it possbile that no one discovered the pyramid before Dr. Semir when he came in 2005. We have been teached in school almost only about the Egyptian pyramids, whithout any vegetation. The most common argument of the non-believers is, how is it possible that the pyramid does have vegetation on it?

Almost every pyramid have vegetation, many of the pyramids in South-America, Mexico, China and so on did or have vegetation on it. When the pyramids in Teotihuacan first was discovered there was a lot of vegetation and it looked like a hill. Under the vegetation there was large blocks and a artificial pyramid. Staying hidden for thousands of years.

Moon pyramid in Teouthican when it was first discovered and now.
Moon pyramid in Teouthican when it was first discovered and now.

The same thing happens in Visoko Bosnia, but we know that the trees on the Sun pyramid was planted in the 1970s. But the roots could not go through the thick blocks and the roots of the trees bent. If the blocks was natural, the tress would go through but this thing also proves that it is a pyramid. The chinese government also planted trees on the Chinese pyramids. Was this because someone wanted the pyramids to be hidden or maybe some other purposes?

Sun pyramid in 1976.
Sun pyramid in 1976.

After speaking with the locals that lived in Visoko their whole life, they told me that the Jugloslavian Army (JNA) guarded the place where the eletricians was making the post for the electrisity on Visocica (Sun Pyramid). No one could get up where they were building those posts. Maybe Josip Broz Tito (leader of Jugoslavia) did know about the pyramids or the energetic purposes, but wanted it to be a secret.

Some people say that the Sun pyramid is a hill made to be a pyramid, some say that is a pyramid made from the ground. Others mean that it is a strucutre. One thing is sure, this is a artificial strucutre/pyramid and not a hill.

The Sun pyramid needs more digging and resarch. We will see what the future brings. Like Dr. Semir says:

‘’The Knowledge belongs to all of us’’


My name is Djani Behram. I am the ambassador and videographer of the Archeaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I did volunteer in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and have good knowlegde and experience about the Bosnian Pyramids. I own the biggest Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagich page on facebook. The page is posting news and pictures every day. I own a youtube channel called TheBIHLover with videos almost every Wednesday. My dream is to become a teacher in history and an archaelogist. I just love history. If you have any questions ask me on mail: djanimikki@gmail.com

My facebook page:


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      1. Ok, thanks. I think that iron plate is one of the most fasinating thing. Is it man made or natural. How big it is? And is it in a plate form or is it just natural iron core. And if it’s man made, who and how they placed it in that deep.
        And if it’s about 2,4 km away from the center of the Sun pyramid, to west, then it is under the Ravne tunnels, right? Could there be a tunnel that goes to that iron plate?
        So many question.
        But thank you, maybe someday we wil get the answers.


  1. And I got that wrong. So the plate it’s about 2,4km deep and over 400 m to west. So it dosen’t go as far as Ravne. Sorry, my mistake.


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